About Jane

A little information about me and why I am the perfect person to look after your dog.

Early Life

From the age of 8 years old, I have lived with dogs of all shapes and sizes. However, It was not until after I attended my first dog training class as a teenager, that my love for dogs fully blossomed. Henceforth, I was always the one to be looking after and walking the family dogs.

Passion for animals

It's not just dogs that I am passionate about. Growing up, I worked part-time in a horse stables and I've also cared for a wide range of other animals including cats, gerbils, birds and fish. To top this off, I recently volunteered my time at Howlett's Zoo as a Gorilla keeper, a life-long dream of mine.

Home Life

I have two rescue dogs of my own; Buddy and Tori. They are a big part of the family and have quite distinct personalities. Tori is very protective of the home and loves the garden! Buddy, on the other hand, is a very athletic dog who's addicted to tennis balls. Eventually, I put his love for tennis balls to good use and joined a Flyball team where I attend training and competitions on weekends. Overall, they have both kept me busy for the past decade and more.

Dorsett's Diggity Dawgs

I've always wanted to be a dog walker, but life always got in the way. Recent circumstances have given me the opportunity to finally start my own business and I'm ready to take it as far as I can! I know it's no easy task placing trust in another to look after a valuable member of the family, so, trusting in me to care for your pets is a privilege I do not take lightly and their safety and happiness are always my priority.